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Bound, Hung: Sickening Santa Display

SantaA large blindfolded Santa hanging from a noose from a high tree in a man’s yard has angered homeowners in a Florida neighborhood, according to a Local 6 News report.

The Santa also has his hands and legs bound by some type of wire.

Neighbors have called police to get it removed, but officers said there is nothing they can do because the homeowner is protected under the First Amendment.

Full story here.

What kind of a sicko would do this?  Not to Santa, but to the children in his own neighborhood.

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Martha’s Song

Martha’s Apprentice candidates are preparing a commercial for Song.   How fitting… a failed show promoting a failed airline:-(

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SixApart Going Down?

As if all the extended technical problems were not enough, now this: “Mena Trott implodes on stage at Les Blogs: calls participant an Asshole after lecturing audience about the importance of civility” (via The Blog Herald).   

Yuck.  Their user community’s love isn’t endless … and in the meantime there are other good blogging platforms. Pretty bad form, IMHO:-(

Update (12/7-8):  This is now the juicy story of the Blogosphere:

  … etc… etc… I wonder how long before it becomes Technorati #1?  

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Web 4.0


What’s Web 4.0? I don’t know, but I’m declaring it’s coming soon:-)
David Hornik talks about Social Networks 3.0, Phil Wainewright and others about Web 3.0 – I had to jump on the trend before becoming obsolete:-) Web 2.0 is so passe…

But back to 2.0 for a moment: we’re moving off the desktop onto the Web. We now have Writely, Meebo, Backpack, Goowy, Zimbra, Zvents, Zoozio , Eskobo… we may have Google Calendar soon.

AJAX Office everywhere. Some of these products/companies grew out of nowhere in 5–6 months. Which reminds me: where’s Chandler, years in the making?

Update (12/06) : Mitch Kapor just answered the “where is Chandler?” question. On second thought.. did he?

Update (1/29/08)Chandler: No Version 1.0 After 7 Years – Can it Survive Post-Kapor?

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CourseCafe is Taking Off

I just profiled a week ago. ( CourseCafe, “the Other FaceBook“)  At the time they just went live with their first pilot at Pepperdine. 
Apparently a wildfire started: they are now live at Drexel, Pepperdine, Rose Hulman, RPI, SJSU, Stanford, UC Davis.
Wow… Congrat’s! 🙂

Update (1/22):  Here’s the new CourseCafe Blog.

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IE Flaw Puts Google Desktop at Risk

A new IE vulnerability has been found that puts users of Google Desktop at risk. (hat tip to Rob).

Oh, well… remember when MSN Earth wiped out the Googleplex?

Is there a trend here? 🙂

Update (12/06): Google was fast in fixing the flaw – and apparently I was slow in reporting it…

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The Scary Thing About Ads – Part 3

Now matter how much ad-placement algorithms improve the inevitable mistake happens from time to time:

CiaadA story on talks about how CIA prisons in Europe ‘closed’  and prisoners got relocated to somewhere in Afcrica in a rush prior to Secretary Rice’s visit to Europe.  Check out the ad served up right of the article.  Quite a gem.

Previously mentioned “gems”:

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Scissors on Fligthts???? TSA Nonsense

What exactly do air travelers need scissors for on a flight?   The 9/11 hijackers used boxcutters … now we’re making it easier?  The new TSA regulations are total nonsense.

Other bloggers on the subject:  here, here, here and here… just to pick a few.

Update (12/02).

The Department of Homeland Security’s current list of most-confiscated objects from people getting on airplanes:

Lighters 8,124,525
Sharp objects 3,041,218
Knives and blades 1,650,894
–Less than 3 inches 1,599,103
–3 inches or longer 51,791
Tools 819,450
Flammables/irritants 362,613
Ammunition and gunpowder 21,939
Box cutters 19,499
Clubs, bats and bludgeons 19,183

hat tip: Paul Kedrosky.

3 million sharp objects + 1.6 million knives and blades … and now it’s OK to bring them on board?  Insane.

Upate 2 (12/03) TSA Approves In-flight Party Favors


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Technorati Skips Indexing Tags Again

Dave Sifry claims  Technorati’s Search perfomance improved – I actually agree, it did.  But they are having problems indexing tags again… several of my properly tagged posts did not make their way into Technorati’s index, even though the posts were indexed long ago, I can find them in text search.  

I’ve had it .. playing Technorati Investigator has been too time-consuming, tiring,  I just don’t care where the problem originates anymore.

Here’s a sampling of my previous posts re. Technorati problems, with ample references to others: 

Update (12/02):  Blogging about the problems seems to have a “magic” effect  – my tags are properly indexed again:-)

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Shocking Video of Scaffolding Crashing Into Office Tower

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