Jaikus Hiatus

Now that Jaiku is part of Google, for many observers the question is why Jaiku, not Twitter? Scoble sees it as part of Google's social networking arsenal, and predicts Orkut 2.0 to be a Facebook killer. Tim O' Reilly says: Jaiku isn't a "lifestreaming" company per se. They are a mobile company in … Continue reading

Where is Writely?

It's funny how bloggers insist on calling Google's new presentation app Presently. There's no trace of using this name on any Google affiliated blogs. It wouldn't be logical, after killing off the Writely brand. But if Presently perseveres, could we see Writely back? And what does it mean for … Continue reading

JotSpot…Gspot … Google Wiki

So they figured Gspot would be too risky a name for Google's JotSpot, it's now (almost) official: the new name will be Google Wiki. JotSpot was (I assume still is) a good, user-friendly wiki, and if it comes back now, it took Google almost an entire year to release it after the acquisition. I hope … Continue reading