Project Management 2.0 – What’s Wrong With 1.0?

Let me quickly state that I don’t really know what the consensus definition of PM 2.0 is, but I do have a feeling based on my very 1.0-style experience.

In the 90’s I worked on a number of fairly large scale SAP Projects in a variety of roles, including Project Manager, and supervisor of several other projects.  The standard tool was Microsoft Project.  It was used for:

  • Planning a Project (initial Scoping)
  • Selling it
  • Periodic reporting to Steering Committee during the actual projects

What’s missing from the above?   Well, how about using it to help the actual daily work of project team members?

Project  team members did not even have access to MS Project, it only existed in a few copies on the PM and Team Lead’s computers.  Information-flow was one-way: feed the beast to be able to occasionally print charts that look impressive (scary) enough that Steering Committee members won’t question it.

Ok, I am admittedly sarcastic, but the point is:  PM 1.0 was all about planning, reporting and it served Management but did not help actual Project Execution.

My expectation of PM 2.0 would be that it helps all team members involved who can share information, collaborate on it and actually get clues from the system on where they are, where they should be, what their next step is, instead of just feeding the beast.

Is this the real promise of Project Management 2.0?   I hope to find out from an excellent set of panelists that I have the honor of moderating at the Office 2.0 Conference next week:

  • Andrew Filev (Wrike)
  • Bruce Henry (LiquidPlanner)
  • Mark Mader (
  • Guy Shani (Clarizen)
  • Dean Carlson (Viewpath)

Of course this is just one of many exciting sessions – if you haven’t registered yet, you can grab a $100 discount by registering here.   Oh, and don’t forget to visit us at the Zoho Party – the address is #1 Cloud Avenue. smile_regular

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Office 2.0, a Most Irregular Conference – Get Your Discount Here

Nothing about the Office 2.0 Conference is even remotely ordinary.

Start with the organizer, Ismael Ghalimi, CEO of a VC-funded startup, Intalio.  That’s normally a full-time job – not when it comes to Ismael: he is also a scuba-diving instructor, a pilot, launched Monolab|Workspace, (is that Incubator 2.0?), launched the Extreme Productivity Seminar series, oh, and have I mentioned the annual Office 2.0 Conference?  ( I actually know his secret, he has two body doubles, I just haven’t been able to prove it yetsmile_wink)

Pressed for time he is turning a necessity into a virtue: year by year the Conference is a showcase of creating a successful event out of nothing in only two months. I remember the first event in 2006, when a couple of us Enterprise Irregulars were helping him plan the sessions only weeks away from the start.  A few days and a few blog posts later Ismael got flooded with request for sponsor and speaking slots.  This year history repeats itself: just a month ago the conference site was a placeholder and one could only wonder if … then a new site was born overnight, based on Jive Software’s excellent ClearSpace platform, and now it’s alive with user participation, sponsors, registration..etc.

What’s a Web-focused Conference without wi-fi?   It’s a joke that in 2008 conferences, including brands like Web 2.0, Gnomedex …etc.  still fail to provide sufficient connection.  Ismael’s solution includes laser beams to the top of the building, another one down to a terrace, then inside – making it happen with Swisscom was quite a project in itself.  Office 2.0 set the standard once and for all, anything less at major conferences is a failure.

Then there’s the issue of The Gadget.  I believe the iPod at the first conference was just more-then-generous swag.  The iPhones handed out at the second conference had an integral part at the event: several applications released specifically for Office 2.0 allowed participants to interact with each other, navigate the schedule and find sessions.  This time all paid participants will receive a the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC.

Yes, the conference swag is not pens, stickers or t-shirts: it’s a mini-computer, which cost about half the registration fee.  It will clearly raise eyebrows, and many would prefer to skip the gadget and pay reduced fees.  I think handing out such an expensive gadget will have an interesting effect on the conference demographic: we’ll likely see an increase of corporate employees, who can expense the entire conference and are less price-sensitive than startups and freelancers – the original Office 2.0 crowd.

But that may very well be what the conference needs.   There’s a reason why this year’s theme is Enterprise Adoption.  The Office 2.0 movement wouldn’t go very far with only the early pioneers, evangelists talking to themselves, dissmissing enterprise requirements.  For the principles to become practice in business, we need a more balanced mix, and in a twisted way the gadget may just help achieve that.

Those who can’t afford the full registration are not entirely locked out: Socialtext CEO and top evangelist Ross Mayfield will facilitate Un-Conference 2.0 the day before the official conference, at a cost of $50.

Finally, startups have a chance to present the attending VCs, media, bloggers at  LaunchPad – Ismael announced this event over the weekend, and already has 10 particpants – get in there while you can.  Note to my (numerous) VC readers: I hope you will be there, too.

If you’re still hesitating, check out the Agenda, the list of SpeakersMedia representatives,  and if you haven’t done so, register now.

I’ve saved the best for last: don’t use the standard registration, save $100 by registering here.

Update: while I was typing here, fellow Enterprise Irregular Dennis Howlett explained why this is an Irregular (pun intended) Conference in more than one way.  Update to the update: see Susan’s excellent summary.

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It’s Raining on Twitter

It’s raining outside.  This is probably not newsworthy – unless yo know I live in Northern California, where it NEVER rains in August.  Here’s a quick Twitter reaction:

  • genecowan: Bwah? It’s RAINING? In San Jose? In AUGUST? Wow.

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    zolierdos: Wow, it’s raining in the East Bay (N. CA)

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    zamikazi: its raining, i dont get why it always rains at night here in phoenix.

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    soul4real: WhooHoo! It’s raining in #Phx! Keep it coming.

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    mollycyr: is it… Raining??

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    freshelectrons: listening to the sound of rain. after the rainbow. it’s raining. in august.

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    Ms_Kayakor: Raining!!! Love the weather cold, dark, and wet.

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    omnivector: Raining in California in the summer? This weather frightens and conufuses me!

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    kahne4cup: It’s raining in San Jose.

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    ndtp: total disbelief that it is raining for the first time in 6 months just when my kids go to camp.

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    will_k: Geez. It’s raining!

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    reiko516: Raining in August. California has the weirdest weather.

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    jgrafton: it’s raining. WTF?

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    Gitonyerhorse: It’s raining in Cupertino.

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    evq: @chuckreynolds That reminds me of Mean Girls. The blonde one grabs her boobs and says “there’s a 30% chance it’s already raining

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    zmorton: It is raining? What the heck?

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    benso87: Well, I guess I’ll go to bed now, and hope it’s raining when I wake up in the morning so I don’t have to work.

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    akisan: Wow – it’s raining!

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    jonk: @wintersweet hooray! *barely* raining in our neck of the woods, but i hope it strengthens so the big bird poopie on car will be washed away

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    arewhyen: it’s raining big fat raindrops. I am standing under bus shelter still getting wet

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    kdubjackson: – Crazy rainbow off the 101… its not even raining! Beautiful evening…

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    Ealasaid: It’s raining. In August. In San Jose. WTF?

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  • post

    SVASE Green VC Panel in the East Bay

    Venture capitalists have been pouring money into “clean technology” companies – $2.2 billion in 2007, an increase of 46% over 2006. Why are VCs making so many long-term, capital-intensive bets? Which technologies will be world-changing, and which will be duds?

    In living proof that there is life outside the Palo Alto / Menlo Park proximity, SVASE will host a VC Panel on investing in Green Tech tomorrow at the Crow Canyon Country Club, in Danville, CA.  (A very green venue for a Green Eventsmile_wink).

    The panelists are:

    • Marianne Wu, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
    • J. Christopher Moran, Vice President, General Manager, Applied Ventures
    • Paul Chau, Partner, WI Harper
    • Peter Henig, Managing Partner, Greenhouse Capital Partners
    • Mark Harris, Relationship Manager, Silicon Valley Bank

    6-6:30 pm: Networking and Hors D’oeuvres
    6:30-8 pm: Panel discussion and Q/A

    For details see the SVASE site, or head straight to registration.

    See you there!


    One Day Left for Early Bird Rate to Launch: Silicon Valley 2008

    I’ve pretty much said everything there is to say about Launch: Silicon Valley 2008, a joint event of SVASE and Garage Technology Ventures.

    The presenting startup applications are in, being evaluated, and thirty of them will debut on June 10th @ the Microsoft Mountain View Campus.

    There is another important deadline now: Monday is the last day you can register at the Early Bird rate, which represents a $50 discount.

    See you there in June! smile_shades


    San Francisco Olympic Torch Costs Hugely Underestimated

    The City of San Francisco hugely underestimates the total cost of the Olympic torch run (more a hide-and-seek) in San Francisco.   Here’s the breakdown of costs by City agencies:

    — Police Department: $504,896.75

    — Municipal Transportation Agency: $149,516

    — Department of Public Works: $55,995

    — Fire Department: $12,000 (approximation)

    — Recreation and Park Department: $4,000 (approximation)

    — Total: $726,407.75


    But that’s city agencies only, the true total cost is significantly larger.

    What’s missing is the cost of lost productive time by the tens of thousands of people who lined the streets of San Francisco early morning in the hope of getting a glimpse of the torch.  All in vain, as the torch took evasive action.

    (photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)


    San Francisco Torchured

    The Olympic Torch took evasive action on San Francisco. It was here and not. The best part of this fiasco was the Twitter coverage .
    My personal favorite: chadcat : if the Torch goes on a boat what will the runners do, jog on a treadmill? 

    More selected morsels below in reverse chronological order:

    tokboxchris : The Olympic torch reduced to sneaking around and juking protesters

    KanuDawg : Just went outside as torch just went up Van Ness near work- nothing but police sirens and helicopters: total clusterfuck=accomplished << (2008-04-09 17:25:45)

    SXHotdogs : acarvin: NBC11: It was an Olympic Torch Ride, then a Drive, then a Run, now a Walk. << (2008-04-09 17:21:31)

    sftorch : Katrinskaya: the torch has taken evasive action. FUNNY. << (2008-04-09 17:18:10)

    hdwilliams : It’s torch aerobics…run, walk, step into the bus, step out of the bus. Stand up, sit down, deep knee bend!! << (2008-04-09 17:14:40)

    krismet : lame- no torch but naked protesters! << (2008-04-09 17:15:37)

    zoliblog : Police alreday claiming success re. torch. Sure, nobody saw it. #torch << (2008-04-09

    joshuarudd : Apparently the torch is in three different locations now. << (2008-04-09 16:54:25)

    Delilah021 : Torch was re-routed!!! Bullshit!!! Started on Van Ness, likely won’t hit Embarcadero. All of us people ready to cheer, for nothing. Damn! << (2008-04-09 17:11:56)

    Katrinskaya : the torch has taken evasive action. FUNNY. << (2008-04-09 17:11:11)

    ajonesin : If I were a bank robber I would totally be robbing San Francisco banks right now. All the cops are with the torch! << (2008-04-09 17:11:07)

    ryancoleman : they could have at least let the runner hang his head out the window and hold the torch… << (2008-04-09 16:54:05)

    sdwindham : so, let’s see: If the torch runs through SF, yet no one actually sees it, was the relay a success, or was the protest? << (2008-04-09 16:53:43)

    zoliblog : Torch hide-and-seek. Wear the crowd down? #torch << (2008-04-09 16:53:20)

    Rubin110 : #torch It’s a trap. The city of San Francisco just Rickrolled several thousand people

    ronjon : Nearly 40 minutes after lighting, still no idea where the Olympic torch is << (2008-04-09

    chadcat : if the Torch goes on a boat what will the runners do, jog on a treadmill? << (2008-04-09

    joshuarudd : Apparently the torch is in three different locations now. << (2008-04-09 16:54:25)

    therahmin : #pier5 the scene has been hijacked by protesters – word is that torch will travel via coast guard boat << (2008-04-09 16:58:58)

    niterider : [TT] The Olympic torch? Who has it? Where is it? Watching this cluster fuck on TV is amusing << (2008-04-09 16:58:31)

    williamsba : why on EARTH does SF have an amphibious vehicle leading the torch run? hahhaha that’s awesome! Run for the sea!!!!!! << (2008-04-09 17:04:14)

    zoliblog CBS says torch still inside Pier48. Others reported it left in a bus, othes that it’s on a boat

    zoliblog If nobody sees the torch, it’s secretly driven around, can SF claim they actually had it here?


    DemoCrunch 2008

    This year’s TechCrunch 50 Conference is planned to coincide with DemoFall, the (other) premium startup Launch event.

    VentureBeat attempts to (well, sort of) explain it with scheduling, but make no mistake, this is a fairly open move against DemoFall, to establish TechCrunch50 as the premier startup launch event. There’s no question that TechCrunch can pull in just about the entire VC community – in fact given the audience pricing, $2000 early bird, and $3000 regular, it’s hard to believe anyone but VCs can afford to attend. Well, VCs and students, as those with a student ID can get in for $149.

    The presenting companies will not be charged – that’s a huge differentiate vs. Demo. As I said before, you almost have to be already funded to be able to afford Demo’s fees. I leave it to you to decide which one is more startup-friendly.smile_wink

    Of course they want a real launch show, so the one hard condition is that your product /service will have to be new (unseen) at the Conference. Several commenters are already complaining that they are launching before September, which automatically disqualifies them.

    I have a solution for you “early birds”: come join us at Launch: Silicon Valley 2008 jointly presented by SVASE and Garage Technology Ventures. Five of last year’s 29 presenters received venture funding, in aggregate of $30M. That’s not $140M, but not too shabby, eithersmile_regular.

    How to participate? If by June 10th, 2008 (the day of the event) you will have a product or service available, but have not been out in the marketplace for more than a few months, then send an Executive Summary of no more than 2 pages to Submission deadline: May 9th, 2008. (Garage Technology offers a useful Writing a Compelling Executive Summary guide.) Last year’s 30 (actually, 29) presenting startups were selected from 170 submissions. For details – and attendee registration – check out

    See you there!

    Related posts:, Valleywag, Jason Calacanis, SheGeeks, ValleyWag,, Silicon Alley Insider, : WinExtra, CenterNetworks,, BoomTown, The Drama 2.0 Show, Geek Gestalt, /Message


    SVASE VC Breakfast with Ann Winblad of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

    After a long break I’ll be moderating another SVASE VC Breakfast Club meeting next Thursday, April 3rd  in San Francisco.  As usual, it’s an informal round-table where 10 entrepreneurs get to deliver a pitch, then answer questions and get critiqued by a VC Partner. We’ve had VC’s from Draper Fisher,  Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield, Mohr Davidow, Emergence Capital …etc.  This time we”ll have the honor of welcoming Ann Winblad, Partner, co-Founder of the first exclusively software-focused venture firm, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.

    These breakfast meetings are a valuable opportunity for Entrepreneurs, most of whom would probably have a hard time getting through the door to VC Partners. Since I’ve been through quite a few of these sessions, both as Entrepreneur and Moderator, let me share a few thoughts:

    • It’s a pressure-free environment, with no PowerPoint presentations, live demos, Business Plans…etc, just casual conversation; but it does not mean you should come unprepared!
    • Follow a structure, don’t just roam about what you would like to do, or even worse, spend all your time describing the problem, without addressing what your solution is.
    • Don’t forget “small things” like the Team, Product, Market..etc.
    • It would not hurt to mention how much you are looking for, and how you would use the funds…
    • Write down and practice your pitch, and prepare to deliver a compelling story in 2-3 minutes. You will have about 8-10 minutes, the first half of which is your pitch,  but believe me, whatever your practice time was, when you are on the spot, you will likely take twice as long to deliver your story. The second half of your time-slot is Q&A with the VC.
    • Bring an Executive Summary; some VC’s like it, others don’t.
    • Last, but not least, please be on time! I am not kidding… some of you know why I even have to bring this up. Arriving an hour late to a one-and-a-half-hour meeting is NOT acceptable, but we’ve had too many such incidents, so here’s a new rule:  if you’re late by more than 20 minutes, you will not be allowed to join the session.

    Here’s the event info page, and remember to register – the previous event with Hummer Winblad sold out in advance. 

    See you in San Francisco!


    The Green Fight: Solar Panels vs. Trees

    We’re supposed to save trees – not only because there are laws against cutting them, but it’s the right thing to do. So Sunnyvale couple Richard Treanor and Carolynn Bissett were doing a good deed by planting a bunch of redwood trees between 1997 and 99.

    Their neighbor, Mark Vargas must also be environmentally conscious, as he installed solar panels on his roofs in 2001.  There’s only one small (actually large) problem: solar panels don’t work without exposure to the sun.

    The redwood trees grew to be giants, some reaching 400 feet, and they cast a shadow on the solar panels.  The neighbors have been fighting for years and finally Vargas filed a lawsuit.  Last December a judge ordered the couple to remove the trees. They won’t appeal, as after spending $37,000 in legal bills and can’t afford the lawsuit anymore, so they will abide. 

    The lawsuit, and decision was based on California’s Solar Shade Control Act, which requires homeowners to keep their trees or shrubs from shading more than 10 percent of a neighbor’s solar panels.

    Now, here comes the controversial part:

    Existing trees that cast shadows when the panels are installed are exempt, but new growth is subject to the law.

    CA state Sen. Joe Simitian (D) of Palo Alto plans to change it.  The bill he introduced this week would protect trees that were planted before the installation of solar panels. Those planted next to already existing solar panels would still be subject to removal.

    Here’s the NBC11 video.

    Update:  2009-10 will be the perfect time to install solar, as supply is expected to exceed demand.